Our Season History:

7/16 - 8/19/04

7/11 - 8/15/05

7/14 - 8/13/06

7/03 - 7/18/07

7/09 - 8/10/08

7/13 - 8/23/09

7/08 - 7/25/10

7/11 - 8/19/11

7/02 - 7/22/12

7/12 - 8/22/13

7/18- 7/19/14

7/08 - 7/27/15

7/13- 8/21/16



7/20-8/10/19 Closed for 2019

Our blueberry fields typically ripen from east to west in our field. Based on the type of blueberry they ripen at different periods of the season. All of our rows are marked with painted stakes that indicate the types of berries in each row.
Detailed information on each type of blueberry we have on our farm can be found on our Facts and Care tab.
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Kendall's Blueberries is a family owned and operated farm. Our plants are naturally grown. We do not use pesticides of any kind and only mother nature touches our blueberries or our blueberry bushes.

We have about 7 acres of u-pick bushes located in a country setting. 

We start with seedlings in the nursery and move them to the field when they are approximately 1 year old. Our oldest plants went into the field around 1998.

You are welcome to bring your own containers for transport home however we prefer you use our picking containers when in the field to avoid any type of plant disease or insects from other locations.

Please remember to stop by the Shack for weighing before you go to your vehicle and we will be happy to bag up your berries for you.